Why Id Theft Insurance Is So Important

  • 22-Mar-2022

So identity theft is a thing parent. All parental theft is a thing. Huh? Who knew who know Jesus come quickly, I mean, really Wow. You steal from your own kids. You open credit cards in your kids names, steal their identity. Let me just help you with this that's criminal fraud it's robbing a bank and sadly, there 's's, two types of identity theft.

We all know about like Yahoo with 3 billion accounts. We know Equifax is a total bunch of incompetence. 143 million accounts dropped out there on Equifax. Right we all know and just this week, they got 1 another 5 million or something poured out that they came out with.

And you know, people steal your, you know that they got the magnetic stripes or whatever in the ATMs, they steal your stuff. They look over your shoulder. They whatever you know, there's, the classic crooks that basically don't know you and they live in whatever, you know, some country or something Siberia or whatever, and they're sitting at their little laptop, just pecking away in. The underlings of the Internet and the know, the like some scene from the Lord of the Rings or something, and they're just popping out, you know, they're stealing the identity. But you know what Handling a lot of identity theft is people, you know, somebody, you know, and the amount of parents that are scum that would steal from their own children. And let me help you with this. If you're stealing from your children by definition, you're scum, you look up scum in the dictionary.

Your pictures right there. I mean, it's just it's, pretty easy to identify I'm, not just calling you names, I'm giving you a definition here. Okay. So I mean, really that's just the bottom of the barrel. But you know, it's, not only a financial fraud right?

These days there's medical fraud tax fraud, they'll sign up and get your tax refund sent to them these crooks. Sometimes as people, you know, sometimes it's a traditional crook, steal your social security number and steal your Social Security, check then have it redirected and sent to. Their account most social security checks are direct deposit by the way. If you didn't know that you know, the employment fraud that people actually get jobs in other people's names, I mean, that's, how bad some companies are at actually checking the documentation of the people that go to work for them? Of course, you can buy stuff in someone else's name.

And you know, illegally this identity theft thing is far far-reaching. And you know, many years ago, I started talking on my friends jobs and Rovers. And ER insurance and said, dude, you got to put together a product to cover this because you know, these you hear these highly advertised, identity theft, protection, places, they're, not identity theft, protection, ok, there's. Not a lot of protection. You can do I mean, there's. Some stuff you can do.

You can freeze your credit bureau report. You can limit the use of some of your places you use a card don't. Go on unsecured sites, there's some stuff you can do. But it doesn't matter.

It went when most Americans. Have now had their identity, stolen, it's, only a matter of time whether somebody's going to open an account in your name that's. The only question whether it's going to show up with it, you know, minimum, I mean, like I carry a couple debit cards on any credit cards and I look up and there are charges in Mexico. Well, I am a in Mexico, so I'm, apparently that, and I didn't order anything from Mexico.

So apparently that wasn't me. So we turned those charges over. And while I get a new debit card in the mail, a.

Couple days later, and they shut down the account then shut down the card and start over right. The algorithms in these places catch most of it. But we also catch weird charges coming through our statements. As we actually look at our statements, which is something by the way you ought to do, you know to actually look at your statements, it's called managing your money because you'll see stuff on there. You go what is that? And what you'll do is you'll realize you're spending money you shouldn't be. Spending or somebody stole your identity right so here's, the thing if someone takes your social security number in your name and opens an account in your name, you're, not liable.

One time. My wife is parked at the YMCA and a crook professional crook. Well, not professional remember the idiot and the woman she was really stupid took him about three days to catch her.

It was all, but she threw a brick through the window of my wife's car and picked the purse up out of the seat, not sure and shouldn't leave. Person to see she's asking for it, okay, but she did so she gets her purse, stolen, I mean, in 45 minutes, this woman had already written checks at several places that accepted the checks. She bought $400 worth of stuff at a grocery store signed my wife's name to it.

They apparently didn't check ID because I can promise you. This woman did not look like Sharon. She was a considerably different in every possible way. So it was not Sharon. We know that and so the cameras disclosed that right. So guess.

Who gets to pay that check woman signed my wife's name and put a fraudulent check on the table at the grocery store, they accepted the check because they didn't check ID. And the four hundred others are we liable is Sharon liable for that check absolutely not the crook stole her checks. Grocery-Store didn't do a good job.

Checking IDs. The grocery store loses that money. It was stolen from them. My wife's stolen checks were used as the vehicle to do it.

But it didn't cost us any money. We didn't have to. Go over to the grocery store, make good on the check by that same things true if your identity stolen, someone opens a credit card in your name and goes and runs up that credit card. You didn't do it. They don't have any kind of legal authorization from you to do that.

You are not liable. That is not the problem with identity. Theft is the liability of it.

The issue with identity theft is you have to call an idiot credit card company and actually explain to them that it's, not you. And the first thing. They think is you just don't want to pay your bill.

So you get transferred to the fraud-victim division of a credit card company. Talk about a bunch of winners. And you get to go through bureaucracy, hell trying to get these people to actually remove this charge from your credit card or your debit card, because it is not you. And you end up having to file a police report, signed multiple notarized affidavits. You have to go through all kinds of crap, and it's its estimated that 600 hours worth of work to. Get your identity cleanse that once it's been stolen and utilized to open accounts. This is cold total pain in the butt because people you're dealing with on the other end don't give her up.

They don't care. Your whole life is untangled, but they don't care. So when I was talking to Jeff, Wander, I said, look, I, don't want some fraud alert too late. Then which is fine to get a fraud alert from your identity theft protection company, that's fine, get a fraud alert somebody's messing with your credit good get.

A fraud alert by then it's too late, though they've already opened six accounts in your name that's, not the problem. The issue is all the time it takes to clean it up. And so this is and our insurance identity theft protection, actually assign someone that goes and does all the work for you. Now we got something you have a caseworker assigned that a certified specialist that goes and does all the work for you, and they have a 100% success rate in recovering, any lost funds. So you need someone that. Does that that's what you require.

So if you're going to buy identity theft protection, and you should because that young men calling a few minutes ago is just part of the deal right now, obviously, you can't turn that in if you turn it into this identity theft company for them to do resolution, I think criminals will be prosecuted, including the ones in your family. So you need to keep that in mind. But some identity theft protection companies, won't work, a family deal.

Even if you're willing to. Point the finger and go so-and-so's, crook, mom is a crook. So actually they actually have wallet protection. They replace the contents of your wallet if it's lost or stolen when you do this and or thing.

So you require someone assigned to do the work for you, and you need to make sure that you're doing all the stuff you get the fraud alerts that's, all fine. But someone that's not to do the work for. You are the big deal.

And somebody that's got, you know, this 100% success rate. And so be sure you check that. Out, oh, and by the way they cover your kids until age 18 for free on your plan. A lot of competitors don't do that. This is not an ad for Xander. But I mean, I just was thinking about if they young called a minute ago, oh, my gosh, I've heard had friends that there man divorced situations where they fun discover that the spouse has been stealing the kids credit for years, it's just nasty out there, you all people are just crazy.

So you need identity theft protection, I recommend and always have it's. The only.Once I've ever recommended Xander insurance be sure you check them out Xander insurance com. This is the Dave Ramsey show.

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