What Not To Do As A Divorced Mormon

  • 22-Mar-2022

Dome again, talking about loneliness. But today I wanted to talk about something not to do what I did something pretty stupid I placed an ad on Craigslist. When my divorce was final, searching mail, assert, huh? Good heavens. Christian, female seeking Christian, male friend and I got some responses and one guy in particular he and I got along really well. And we decided to meet in person, which was a big mistake because I really liked him. And he was really good-looking and so kind and had no interest.

At all in religion, let alone Mormonism, but was so respectful of what I believed, and he was really great, and I actually started to waver and my testimony, because of this guy because I saw what a great guy. He was, and it didn't make sense to me that I was supposed to just forget him and ignore that he existed and find someone who had the right paperwork because I had been there, and I know that just because someone has a temple recommend and holds the priesthood does not mean, they're, a great person. Not at all, so my testimony absolutely wavered. And for a few weeks, I really struggled with this.

And my parents came to me one day, and they said, Kali, we see that you are hanging out with this guy a lot. And we know that you want a temple marriage. So we're just confused at what you're doing, and I opened up to them and I just started bawling and said, you know, this is hard and frustrating.

What does God expect me to do? And my dad totally validated, my feelings, and he said, Kali, you're, right, a lot of. Christian men are way better than Mormon men and that's, just the way it is, but you can't let that keep you from holding out for someone that you deserve, who was going to give you what you really want, and they begged me to stop seeing him and to join an LDS dating website and I took their advice and I did not want to join an LDS dating website because that's where I met my first husband and that clearly didn't turn out well, but I did.

And unfortunately, a lot of the guys on there were awful and rude. And inappropriate and just not what I was looking for I, did eventually find someone amazing on there, who was a recent convert who everything I wanted and more, but that was not what I found most often I searched, pretty hard for him and had to wade through a lot of men who were not worthy of me. And so I want my message for you today is to not settle to remember what you deserve. And what you want most instead of thinking about what is going to be most comfortable now God has a plan for you, and it may. Honestly it may not include another marriage in this life, and unfortunately, that's just life and I think there's, just not enough good men to go around, but it's way better to be single and happy being alone than it is to be married to someone that does not fit what you need. And what you require in life is a great man who is not only treats you well and respectful and kind and loving, but also has the right credentials he's got the priesthood, the honors his priesthood.

He has a temple recommend and. He's worthy of it so that's, what you're looking for I know, it is, and I know you can hold out for it. And if it doesn't happen in this life, that's, okay, and you've got to believe that please don't make the mistake. I did don't allow yourself to be close to people who aren't what you're looking for, because you can fall in a trap and a trap it's difficult to get out of so don't go there and wishing you all the best and praying for your success and happiness and confidence after your divorce.

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