Symphony Air Cooler - Diet 22I - Review & Demo

  • 22-Mar-2022

Hey, guys with the arrival of summer, I believe, many of you would be planning to buy a portable air cooler. So I thought of making a quick review video in this context, so that it can benefit all of you I bought the symphonic air cooler during the last summer. And this model is called dead 22i in this video I shall be talking about its features, its pros and cons. And lastly, I shall demo this for you.

So please stay till the end of this video to start with let me give you quickly a physical overview of. This machine it's completely made out of plastic on the front. You see the swing blades through which the air is blown from inside. The air comes out only from this half of the region.

The other half is fake. And it is sealed with a plastic wall from inside at the bottom is the water tank. And we can see the water level inside the tank through this cutout. The tank has a capacity to hold up to 22 liters of water at the bottom. We see the four wheels that are very smooth, and it's easy to move this. Machine within the house there is nothing else on the sides. And on the back side, there is a mesh filter that prevents the flies and mosquitoes from getting sucked inside the machine.

This one is removable, so I just need to pull this up, and it comes out very easily. And here you can see the honeycomb burr pad or the evaporative cooling pads. And this is made of cellulose paper at the bottom. There is a drain plug. This can be pulled out to drain all the water inside the tank.

This machine is very light. In weight and it weighs around 8 kg, it can be easily lifted when there is no water inside the tank on the top. We see the control panel that has couple of indicators and also touch sensitive buttons. The icons above here are the indicators. And the below ones are the touch sensitive buttons.

There is a compartment here to pour in the water and ice can also be added in this chamber. The water will drip down through the honeycomb pad. And then it gets collected in the tank below water can also be.

Poured directly into the tank from behind through this gap that is provided at the bottom. So now let's move to the demo part of this video. Firstly, I need to pour in some water into the tank I have this 2-liter bottle into which I have filled in the tap water. I'll just pour the water into this chamber I have some ice cubes as well, and I will just add this to the compartment. So it's time now to turn on the power, and let me go ahead and switch it on.

And you can see that the power indicator is on. And there is a beep also, which is heard, which is indicating that the water level is low, so I'll just quickly fill in more water into this tank. So next step is to turn on the cooler, and we press this cool button to switch on the water pump.

You should be hearing the humming sound of the water pump inside. So here we can see that water is being pumped from the tank below into the compartment above. So now let's turn on the fan.

There are three speeds for the fan high medium and low, so I'll, keep it to. Low, and it is now blowing the air from the front there is a swing button here. And let me turn this on.

So the swing will direct the air repeatedly from left to right within this room. There is also a small lever here that can be pushed up or down pushing it down will direct the air close to the ground and pushing it up will redirect the air upwards. We can also set the timer to switch off this cooler after a specified interval of time, and we can do this from one hour, and you can go to seminars. There is a remote sensor here and a remote control is also provided with this cooler and all the operations on this panel can be done from the remote control as well. The remote control is quite responsive. And it works great. Now let's talk about the power usage of this cooler in the specification it's mentioned as a 170 Watts under test conditions.

I have plugged in an energy meter. And it is currently consuming around 130 watts at high speed, the medium sitting it is consuming around 110 watts of. Power and at the low setting, it is consuming around 90 watts of power. And this power consumption is with the cooler or the water pump being turned on the water.

Pump alone will consume around 15 to 20 watts of power. Now regarding my personal experience with using this product I would say, I am happy with it. It does blow cooler air when compared to the ceiling fan and I could easily feel the difference when I switch off the water pump and run it with just the floor, one advantage of this cooler.

When. Compared to the ceiling fan is that the ceiling fan throws the air from top to the bottom in the room. So it usually picks up a lot of hot air that is above and push it pushes it down since this cooler is at the ground level. It blows much cooler air settled below. And hence I feel. This is much better when compared to a ceiling fan, also, it feels cool when I am in the path of the air throw.

But if I am outside the region of the air, throw then it may not be so effective windows in the room may need to. Be kept open when using this cooler as the humidity level inside this room can go up, and it starts circulating the humid air within this room. Hence, it is always advised to keep the windows open to let the fresh air from outside to inside the room. Now let's talk about the pros and cons of this color. Firstly, the pros it is portable. So you can move it from one room to another very easily. It has a mosquito in the fly filter at the back to keep the honeycomb pad, hygienic and clean.

This can be. Cleaned under running water or dusted once in a while remote feature is also a big plus for this color. This color also works on home invaders or backup power as it consumes, very less energy. When compared to the air conditioning unit, it is quite powerful and is good for a room of size 130 square feet in size now, talking about the cons I tend to feel sometimes uncomfortable if I sit in the path of the air, throw for a longer period of time.

The amount of air blown is considerably high even at. The low speed sitting, but this is more of a personal preference and I would not consider it. A con I experienced some minor issues with this cooler. One of the light indicator for the low speed is a blown-out, but the fan still works. Fine also I had this issue where the water pumper stopped working after a couple of 4 months. And the pump was running fine as I could hear the sound. But it was not lifting the water from the tank to the compartment above I found that the impeller or the water propeller.

Had given away after I globe that in place and fix the pump in the tank. It started working as usual. The drain plug at the bottom is made of a rubber and a rapid of time. It has shrunk and become a little harder. Hence, it does not plug in tightly in place and water may leak through the gap. So I've used a small plastic sheet for padding and to make it a tighter fit so guys that was it on the schooler and I hope. This video helped you in case, if you are planning to buy a cooler during this summer, Please don't, forget to Like share and subscribe to my channel.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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