Saiba Como Corrigir Bugs Do Receptor Da Oitv

  • 10-Apr-2022

Hello everyone, how are you, we are here in the workshop in the test area, and some devices have mainly returned to the wall of the IAC, And the person comes back claiming that the device had some bug, some defect, But it gets here with the thesis for our people to test. He sees that the product is really working. But why many people before checking their system? Send it to us? Here is the, but I'll give you a tip before you sent it to us here at FP to go to test to go to technical assistance. The ideal is to check the signal level of the antennas. There are several steps there that you have to do first step come on.

You go to the menu on the remote control. You go there. It will appear that the settings, and you will look in settings, a or technical information.

There are many steps there you have to follow. You can technical information subscribers frequency or diagnosis the diagnosis, ok, but we can come here in frequency. We will give you an ok. It will give the antenna signal level and.

This is one of the steps you have to check the antenna signal level is giving here thirteen PB, the QS 97 by 72. So the antenna is, ok. The device is still defective if you leave it. It will ask for a while to go back.

We go back. We go there in menu, and we go in, we can enter settings. Anyway, we go here. Look technical settings. Now, technical settings we give, ok, satellite configuration and restore configuration.

So before you send us to factory reset the device, ok, let's. Go. Ok, here it will ask for. The password, which is 3131, what it wants is to return to the original factory settings.

Yes, we give. Ok. It will read. It will give that recovery system because sometimes someone messes with the menu and changes some parameters and doesn't.

Remember, it ends giving this bug. This error there then restore it to the factory go to the signal level and check if the error persists after setting, the factory setting, it was done there, please be patient until here, oh, mandate, technical patience. And the device. Is in perfect condition, we give ok, let's, confirm.

It goes confirming all the steps, LBF, universal checks. The mph we give, ok, ok. The signal level will appear again until the one that appears again, you have to wait in this step until the word, ok, appears who you can't move the guard. Then it appeared here.

We give what he is about to enter taking a mosaic from the ITV let's turn down the volume here. And we can change the channel. There pleasure is picking up some channel that this product is a free. Product is there it's, catching its working. It was sent to us to make science, even those who have no effect for a while. So this is the step I give you the tip.

The FCC is at your disposal to help, but first and send it to us check. If there really is a problem there in the settings you made on the device or even in your antenna. Thanks people. It was a show of mothers reside.

And here we have, in addition to having the video intercom, we have here at FC security to that fixed millstone. And what is the. Advantage of it recording, highlighting there, you have a system that connects together with the Dr and also gives it another break that the little lion, well known as security dog already presented it on the channel for you and also with.

The court security system. It's Food. Price just get in touch even o, the FC and the DVR eight channels of the multi user.

We also have the court and other models. We sh w you here that the FCC it's, not just satellite systems are there. You can see that the Beijing NATO. De chap antenna system has all models. In addition to an email from sempre that the master network just get in touch with us and all the cabling systems and antennas from IOF and pro elected.

And also in the image, voice rock a big hug to everyone there. They are tearing that I'm going to sew.

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