Pub 307: Study Session One

  • 22-Mar-2022

I'm going to take you pop video seven that is introduction to psychology. You find out that many scholars of the century like Sigmund, Food BF Skinner fruit is a Russian psychologist who made so many contributions to the study of the human behavior, which refers to psyche. Psychology psyche means mind or life.

My spirits all of them contributed positively in the understanding of the human thoughts and behavior as well as past 90 and development. So psychology, the definition of psychology, according to. The Greek language refers to psyche, which means life mind or spirits and loggia. This point of collection. This is Richard.

This is not DJ is loggia, which is the source for the current meaning distorting off so side. The definition of psychology means study of life more understanding of life, mind and spirits that is how it is being defined as a Greek word, the word concept psychology. Now we want to basically go into the views of some concept of learning the views of some great. Psychologists.

The dilemma assumes learning is simple, because he sees it frequently as I mean, he has clear understanding that is trying to know what he does not to Aristotle's views learning. He talked of planning as an association of ideas. Possession similarity, contrast and continuity. He said, people, remember those things that are alike striking because of the differences they come together in space and time gala in his book, the mentality of apps even brought his cited example of apps after hanging a banana. Somewhere so those apps after trial and error, they have been trying to see how they can reach this banana split lining as possession process with major emphasis on this body of relationship. And how people see relationship among various items of experience example. He gave apps when comforted with a different problem.

They acted as if the US of A survey indiscretion, they much later on I became to those apps look at BSA animus, but they use stick. They now join the idea of joining sticks in order to. Reach up to what we call their object piranha after using the stick, and they brought boxes. They joined a pile, the boxes one opt on the other one on top of the other until they get that banana. So you can see the relationship between the stick or the boxes and to the Piranha. So that is the perception of continuity that the psychologists are trying to relate all towards money. Sometimes you have to perceive, and you have to continue trying in peace.

You try, and you have to continue trying in order to. Succeed that is what learning is all about. And that is what this great psychologists are trying to impart. So when you when we move on, we talk on my attrition Fulani, suddenly in life, right from conception to birth. A child start developing in his mother's.

Voices started growing after about nine one, nine one ten days. So you see that the child will be growing inside the womb. Much later that child will be delivered by his mother.

So gradually the child's that mature and developing. So the. Psychologists are trying to find out what correlation this maturity has aligning example of learning example of learning when we talk of maturation, these very many racial concepts, you will never learn if the mind or the system is not much, rationally, ready to learn. So that is why maturation in learning is very, very important for a child to see is ready to learn. And if cognitively is matured, much rationally, ready to be able to apprehend the concepts or the topic that is going to be taught to him.

So my tradition plays a very significant role in learning on the other hand, we have growth and development growth and development. Psychology sees the story of the child from conception to birth teacher, must know the child is going to teach must know his family got the ground. He must know the health emotional status of that child, the balanced mental health of that very child, his disease condition. If there's any what is o, prefer a specific disease. So teacher apart from moving his subject content.

Matter must be able to know the growth and development of the child he teaches. And if he traces any element of in health supposed to communicate the parent that I observe. So so so person is suffering from a particular or peculiar health problem, so that it can be arrested and otherwise growth and development. Sometimes what there is what we call things that impaired growth that can bring grow. Treat addition what are those things' malnutrition? A child is one effects will be malnourished, even if he.

Comes to school will not be able to learn why because he does not have what we call the intent or good balanced diets for that reason that I will be small Lana. Oh, my not even learn at all so Proton development. Good feeding balanced diet, facilitate good growth and development on the side of a child, otherwise such a child who have what we call goods or in growth retardation. That is the role that growth a development place as psychologists the seed study of the child from conception to birth. Teach us this a teacher must know the child he is going to teach example, family, family background, the health of the child personal hygiene of the child teacher. She equally observes the developmental growth of China towards learning teachers.

You know, child social and emotional problems. So these the role the growth and development play to a child in learning process principle of growth and development the development of child, rape from conception, the systemic in nature. He turns heads before turning.

Is had he learned how to sit before he learned how to stand he bubbled before trying to speak. So these are the things in life, the principle of growth and development of a child. And those things are very important ingredient in learning if a child attend grow to the fullest, you see is mentally a lot, physically and emotionally balance. Such a child will say he developed a very good healthy body. I do not have any issue to learning. So that is why the psychologist emphasized on very good growth.

And. Development and growth and development is said to be continuous in nature, where there is an incident of stagnation that could be as a result of malnutrition or diseases as has been mentioned in this very lecture in the discussion in maturation so growth and development. If a child has a kind of stagnation abroad, meaning that there is a kind of trace of disease that child is malnourished does not have the required to be balanced diet that he should have in order to have effective Sun health growth. And. Development this stage can be gradual the stage of growth and development continuous, but not uniform. Some people are fast growers.

They say they are ugly children because they have all intense food and other items that can make them have that kind of kind of balance of growth and development. So some have a kind of if they are grown the development retardation that depends on the kind of activity. They do you see children the heel balance right when they take heavy lot on their heads every day. Probably they have the parent in the farm and every day they mistake fertilizers are very heavy to the farm. So such weight, they carry affects also their growth. So we now have in their slides distinguished the stages of child development were a prenatal infant childhood adolescence and adulthood, where I what we call senescence period.

So prenatal stage, we all know the prenatal State. This stage is that where a child even has had not started living relative in training is still under. The full care of the mother, and we have infant stage you first each child have started sitting gradually the enters childhood. And for a childhood to address since this is a period where we call it period of crises versus confusion. In a child, you see a child would be doing things that he requests all the time advice.

He does not know to some lesson where he believes. He wants of developed some attitude, whether they are bad or good. We call it a disease of a lifestyle. If he sees before this wanna. You do use what I mean his life study sees, he tries to puppy whether the behavior is negative or positive.

So these are the kind of things psychologists are trying to refine in children so that they can become proactive and good learners in a very good learning summary by the end of this lesson. We want you students that you are watching us teaching you to be able to define the concept psychology again to mention and explain growth and development totally what are the factors that causes low. Growth and development as I mentioned you, some of these factors could be poor balanced diets that bring about malnutrition, poor feeding and sometimes environment itself influence good growth development. If the environment is full of problem crisis, such child will not be able to have an effective growth and development. So they still influence of environmental influence. Then malnutrition poor feeding in a child affects his good growth and development.

Similarly, influence of peer group impact growth. And development of a child. So there are so many disease conditions to disease condition. A child could be suffering from an element, which is not known by the parent, or the teacher, such a time you see that his growth and development will be slowed.

Even if actually is going to grow. But the study process of his growth and development will be very slot. You not grow normal along his own peer groups. So teacher should be able to understand this and make sure that if there are any indices of such a. Findings should be reported to the parent, and that child should be immediately taken to hospital and get remedy there. So this has brought us to the end of this. Our lesson public administration because three awesome.

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