Ms Word: Fix All Issues Of Word File Corrupted/Not Opening/Unable To Read

  • 22-Mar-2022

Do subscribe to my band hit on Bell icon for latest videos, hey, guys will come back again today, back with a serious topic about and mass Ward 5. Sometimes if is the problem of ms were like unable to read or unable to open our file is corrupted all this thing. So when you are getting to see a issue like myself, productive, I stopped working the world war than able to read occurred. So whatever you have issue I will show that some common, and we effectuate to repair your world. Why this video.

Carefully, ok, so start from the basic. For example, this is your war file. And this file is corrupted are not opening or whatever reason. So first right, click on the file and go to property. And in the germinal, if you have like a read only option then uncheck on this one, or if you find the option like block unblock so check on unblock that apply ok.

So your faucet stop. Now try to open. You are worth 5. If this not work, then open the Word document, not open the file open the world. What files like this take.

New and then go to file the second option, ok, go to file and then odd sounds and in the auction click on trust such out. And here we get the option % asserting Ebonics. And now click on protected view. Here you need to uncheck all this option I'm going to put a few like this and able to put a few all the action.

You need to uncheck and then simply click OK. So after click, OK, try to open your Word document. These are second option.

Ok, if the second option not work GUI, the third option is. Same over the world. And from here, try to open your file, we might find on the desk of these project file to select your file and then click on open exchange the open. And here you will find the option open and repair, ok, click on it click on it open and repair. Ok, that's it.

So hopefully the third method is the very powerful method. Hopefully this will fix a problem revision facing problem. You can go with the one more option. Ok, when you open your file like what right when you open your file? So.

Making a one copy save as you can directly copy and paste, you're all data to other find us simply go to series option here and save the other location with a new file name. Ok, also, one more method. If did not work go to select the file and option here open in protected view.

Try this one if not he'll go with the open as a copy? Okay, try all these things stifle this one, if not work go with this one option and this one, ok, so this is the second method call. It is a term that next is if we're still facing issue. Do one thing try to open your file with open with just I click on your file and select the open with and from here, select the more option and open with Worded, select the Worded and click, sometime award will be unable to read your fine food is better to open a war file, another half-hour software. So this is the fourth matter. Okay, open to other app or Worded.

If it's still facing issue, the fifth melody, right, click on your project, our file, whatever you have then click on add to another. If you. Don't have vanilla download is all we have and then click on add to what is a file. And then now open the raw file and then open the work. One document from here.

Okay. So if it's still facing issue, then the last option is go to online okay, but online on the Google, just type repair character war file or open the first link this link. And here select your file, okay, open. If I enter your email address and enter the CAPTCHA and click Next. It will record your file and into the download link. So from. There you can download or repair fired.

So hopefully I have sold six method, hopefully one of them will work with your crafted file, and please let me know in commands, which option or a week method is work with you. So thanks for watching guys, I hope. This will help you really like share and don't forget to subscribe. Please subscribe. Thank you very.

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