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  • 22-Mar-2022

If you've always had your sights set on attending the Western, most Ivy League school, we're going to acknowledge that's, a pretty specific school goal. But still your wish to attend Cornell University is totally understandable after all this school landed on our best 385 colleges book among many other distinctions. So let's, take a look at why for starters Cornell pairs, a prestigious education with what students described as an absolutely gorgeous campus. We've been there it's, absolutely true.

Even.Better it offers students an academic experience that challenges them to get out of their comfort zones and considering that it has seven different undergraduate colleges. Students can explore every possible intellectual interest from particle physics to punk rock. Oh, and the added benefit of having so many colleges according to students, they make Cornell feel small and specialized, of course, across the board, you'll find professors who are experts in their fields.

And also undergraduates tell us. Enthusiastic about passing their knowledge on to their students. It gets better. One student reported the campus is as connected as any other place in the world. I mean, it wouldn't reach our number thirteen school on our best college library list without special cause. And of course, Cornell's dining also does a great job in wooing accepted students to campus the university ranks number four on our best campus food list. And then again, you might expect that from school that owns its own daring.

Another. Thing you'll learn to love. If you attend going to school in the wonderful, Finger Lakes region, which is full of the natural beauties of upstate New, York and offers a ton of hiking and other outdoor activities. It is true with all the t-shirts say, ethical is gorgeous. But natural wonders aside. There is also plenty of fun to be had on campus ranging from parties and college down to dorm movie nights.

Students told us that there's just so much going on at every moment that it is hard to choose what you. Actually want to do then again, students just like kicking back and hanging out with their friends and their amazing peers who describe themselves as ranging from farm kids to pre-med students to engineer students to hotels, perhaps most importantly, the university leaves, you primed for a successful professional life. There is reason behind that they are on our best career placement ranked list. Not only can undergraduates take advantage of the university-wide Career Service office. But each.

Undergraduate college has its own center for career excellence as well that way you can really tailor your resources to your students needs, particularly undergraduates, love this smart set up and tell us that they appreciate the boundless opportunities. After graduation, I know, what you're thinking this all sounds incredible, but Cornell's steep price tag means the school might not be affordable for your family. But wait for it. The university makes both our best value colleges list. The first for. Students who don't qualify for need-based aid and the second for overall value and return on your tuition investment, plus the average amount of freshman scholarship and grant package is nearly forty-nine thousand dollars.

Folks, you can find out much more about pornos profile on Princeton Review com to get into those numbers. Now, I bet a Cornell education is sounding more feasible, hopefully so you'll need to know this, and you'll need to know about getting accepted. We can help you there, too. Please. Subscribe to our channel for the latest tips and strategies for finding getting into and paying for your dream college, as always folks thanks so much for watching be well, looking forward to seeing you the next time.

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