How To On Making Homemade Dog Food

  • 22-Mar-2022

Hey, you all I'm back in the kitchen today. And today I am going to be making some homemade dog food SUS that we brought back from, Texas, she's got a little of skin, allergies, um, not real bad. But her owner had let me know that she did have that going on. And she has been feeding her some canned dog, food that's suited for that. But I wanted to kind of dabble into making some homemade dog food kind of wanted to do this for a while and here's my opportunity to do. So when you're making homemade dog. Food for your dog, you have to take into consideration their size their health, and just the overall picture of what kind of dog this recipe right here will work for Yorkie they're, high energy, dogs, they're, small dogs.

But your dog might be like a German shepherd and might need different, um things added into their homemade dog food. So I just would suggest, um, just like I did. I looked it up on Pinterest and got me a recipe.

And I took it to my local vet, and she approved it. She gave me the thumbs up. So.

We know that it's, okay to feed these to my Yorkie and since I'm making the homemade dog food, my other little man, we call him little fully. He could eat it as well. Um now, twilight my Charlie, which is a two, why your Yorkie mix, um, probably not because she's she's a mix this recipe. I will probably be feeding to my two Yorkie that I have that are full-blooded Yorkie. So just consult your vet and make sure that the homemade dog food recipe that you're following, um will suit your dog I'm going to show. You what we need to do for this recipe and how it comes about, and then I'm going to try to break down the price of how much I spent on everything, and for my Yorkie, their weight, uh, my SUS, she is almost seven pounds. So she would be getting a cup in the morning and a cup at night.

Sully is a lot smaller he's around four or something. So he would be getting a half a cup in the morning and a half a cup at night. I'm going to go ahead and um show you how it's done break down the price range on it and go. Ahead and pack the food up, because you can freeze it and just set out what you need.

So I'm going to pack the food up into the levels of what they'll be eating, and we'll see how long that it will, um strain the food along as far as how long it will last and get an idea of cost-wise. What it would be. I've always heard that making homemade dog. Food is a little cheaper and a lot healthier for your dogs.

And that is one of the reasons why I kind of wanted to try this. And if this is a hit, and it does. Real well, I might consider making homemade dog food for my other dogs as well. So here we want to have gone big pot to cook, cook it in.

And you want to turn it on a low heat, I'm going to put mine probably about around between five and six on my stove. If you all have numbers, uh that kind of gives you an idea where to put it at then we're going to take one pound of fresh ground turkey. And you want to get it as lean as you can this one's, 90 percent lean and ten percent fat. So I'm going to go ahead and put. That in here and get my spatula and kind of break it up a little next, you want to get a can I use the uh, science diet, because I wanted to make sure I had a can of mackerel.

I got this at Walmart, and I had to get two packs of it. So you're going to put that in. And I had kind of chunk, you know, it's already kind of broke up that I checked. I broke it up some more next.

You want to add your vegetables. Now I've got raw, vegetables, sweet, potatoes, kale and broccoli. But you can also do green beans for. The kale carrots and squash for your sweet potatoes. So you can do either, or I just chose to try out the kale and the sweet potato and broccoli. First.

So I've got it in my food processor, because like I said before you want to have your food kind of bite-sized for your Yorkie. They can't eat real big chunks of food. So I'm going to cut the camera off and blend this up real fine, and then I'll come back at you. Okay.

So now that I've got that blended up I'm going to throw that in a pot. You want one cup. Of broccoli, one cup of sweet potato and one cup of kale. And you just blend that up in your food processor. I got the trophies today, you all, and I'm just going to stir the around a little and break up that turkey meat a little more all right.

Next you're going to do one pound of chicken liver. I got this. We had to hunt for this. Let me tell you all everywhere was out.

And then I heard somebody had said, there was a chicken shortage. So I believe it because most time you can find chicken livers. Anywhere, um, this one says, it's a 1.25 pounds, which is not going to make much difference. They were kind of big, and I know that the chicken liver shrivels up as you cook it.

But I just went ahead and cut mine up a little more, so you're going to add that into all there than you're going to add two cloves of garlic. Um, I've got minced garlic, um. So I'm going to do it's one half teaspoon for each clove, so I'm going to do a teaspoon of garlic and garlic as they say is not good for your dogs. If you give it. To them in small quantities, it can be very healthy beneficial.

And this is going to be a big pot of dog food, so it's, not going to go not going to harm them. And my vet said that it was okay to put it in here. I've got one chunk of broccoli that did not blend, so I'm going to have to blend that up get that in there. And then you're going to take two eggs and crack, and then you're going to get, um, two cups of brown rice. Now this is going to make a lot more as it cooks up in the pot, but you're going to put two. Cups of this in there, and you're going to stir that up get it mixed up really well with the other things this right here, and then you're gonna just top it with water. So I'm going to take this over to the sink and top it off.

And then you're just gonna periodically I'm looking for a tail. Y'all my tails went missing there. It is, um then you're just gonna periodically keep that on low stir it until it comes to a bowl that way you get all your meats, your mackerel, your turkey and your chicken liver. All cooked up, oh, that is cooking I'm, a breakdown price range for you all. Okay, you all I'm going to break down the prices for you. Now they will probably vary a little just depending on where you shop at and get your stuff at in different states. You know, I tend to shop at Sam's and Walmart.

A lot I do allies and lids. Sometimes I got these at Sam's and Walmart. This time so I'm gonna break down the price for you all. So the mackerel times two, I paid 1.88 a piece. I got two of those two cups. Of brown rice was 70 cent kale was 98.

And I didn't even use the entire kale. You get it in a bunch. Sweet potatoes. I had one 50 cent didn't, even use all of that. So probably would be less than that. Uh, chicken liver was two dollars.

Broccoli. I bought a two pound, um bag of broccoli. And I figured it up. I used a cup out of it. So it was 75. Turkey was three dollars and eggs. Of course, for me.

I get free because I have eggs, but we kind of averaged it out if you were to buy eggs from the store. So we said, uh, 10. Cent per egg so 20, so your average comes up to being 11.89 now right now we don't know because we have to split this up to see how many you know cans that I supposedly can that I would get out of it. So here's, the research I did on, uh, the science hill is what she was feeding her. And I went on

This is where I kind of got my information. They sell 25, no 24 cans in a pack. If you don't do auto ship the total price before, you know, shipping and everything is 37.44. I broke that up because for. Susu's measurements, um, she's, almost seven pounds. So she would get a cup in the morning and a cup at night.

So she'd get two cups a day each can is 5.8 ounces. So I would have to feed her. One can and a little of another can the price itself breaking it up from 37.44, uh, it's, a dollar fifty-six per can. And because I would have to break it up, you know and feed her from another can total for the day would be three cans, um because you're splitting.

The one can in half to go with the other one. In the morning, one at night that would cost me to feed her per day 4.68. So now once this is done, and I can configure it into containers.

And the price that I got that I paid to make this whole recipe in this pot, we'll figure out, which is the cheaper outcome. So here it is y'all cooked up. I put a cup in the refrigerator.

So it could chill. It made close to 12 cups. It was like 11 and a half cups or so we're just going to round it off to 12 cups.

I broke it down. And we found out that a cup, um of the. Homemade dog food would be 99. Now we said, the one that you bought would be 1.56.

So you can see the difference right there. But I even took it even a step further, the homemade dog food I made, I almost made 12 cups. So I just doubled that in the price range, and it comes up to 23.76. Now, the 24 cans that you would buy, um from chewy was 37.44. So the savings that I'm saving by making it is 13.68, which is not too bad. I don't think.

So yes, we have learned today that is a little cheaper. It might take. The time to go buy the stuff in the store and make it yourself. But it is a lot cheaper to make it at home. Probably a lot healthier because you're, not putting any processed stuff in your food for your, um dogs, and I'm letting the cup chill in the refrigerator right now, and we're going to feed it to SUS and see how she likes it. So I'm bringing Isuzu in the bedroom.

So the other dogs won't get jealous, and I'm going to see how she likes it. Come here. Girl, well, I believe it's a hit. I believe. She's liking, if it's, not hot. Well, I got it cooled down it's a little warm.

She seems to be really enjoying it. Do you like that? Sushi? Do you like that homemade dog food? So while Zulu's in there finishing up her dog, food, I'm gonna break down even more.

I thought about it. So I should probably break it down even a little more for you guys. If you break it down per can, um, the ones from chewy was 5.8 5.8 ounces. And technically mine is eight ounces because I was measuring by the cup. But if you break. It down that way the homemade per eight ounces, uh. And this is cent wise.

It would be 12.375 per ounce. If you do 5.8 ounces in the can from chewy breaking it down cent wise, it would be 26.89 per ounce, so it's, almost double of what you know, I'm making it at home. And of course, you know, I know there's a lot of people out there that don't really have the time to make homemade, and it's just easier to go to the store and there's nothing wrong with that you all because I do have the time, and I can make it. The home I can make the homemade I'm probably going to do that for SUS and um see how she does over the week. She does really great and introduce it to sully as well just kind of broke it down just one dog for you all. So it wouldn't be, um confusion, start feeding it to them too.

And if they do pretty well with it and like it, and I might consider maybe trying to come up with some recipes for the other dogs that I have. I have two full-blooded chihuahuas. I have a French bulldog. And I also have a Dutch. Hound, um, we call them wiener dogs around here.

So I would have to, you know, come up with three different other recipes for them. You know for what would suit them well, but I think it'd be fun. So and it will cut cost on what I buy from Chewie as well. So hope that you all enjoyed this video, um, I hope that it will give you some ideas about what to do for your fur. Babies until next time, you all have a great day, and we'll be talking to you soon.

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