Epic Office Tech! (Hp Officejet Pro 6978)

  • 22-Mar-2022

What's going on everyone, this is DOM, and today we're talking about mobile printing, which is a pretty important topic for me, but specifically we're taking a look at HP's, new office jet, pro 69 78 and seeing how this thing integrates with current technology. Now there are a ton of cool features here, including connectivity with smartphones and tablets, there's USB options. And even a dedicated app that will allow you to control virtually everything on this printer, it's pretty awesome. So let's, go ahead.

And jump in the box and see what this thing is all about jump it into the box here I have to say this printer is an absolute box. It's got high quality, professional color, rich, black text, fast, two-sided performance, and you can easily and quickly copy scan and fax documents with the 35 page, two-sided document feeder. And if you're always that person who's worried about running out of ink, if you haven't heard of HP instant ink, well, it's an ink replacement system that I actually save you up to 50% on. Ink costs per page over laser printers and make sure that you never run out of ink by delivering it directly to your door. So you essentially pay a flat rate based on how much you print and get ink.

When you need it like I said, though I'm a pretty big fan of mobile printing. And this just makes everything so much easier with the office jet pro 69. 78 setting everything up was super simple, I, just downloaded the HP all-in-one printer, remote and got it all up and running in no time as far as printer.

Tech goes through this is packing some heat for sure it easily works with iOS and Android printing natively from the app or third-party apps, and you can easily connect a smartphone or tablet directly to the printer without a network and print from within the app from inside the all-in-one printer. Remote app. You have a few options. Well, there's a print and share feature, which will allow you to easily print documents or photos from your device or various cloud services. You can select a file to. Print and it's instantly sent to the printer. Now the cool thing is, this can work the other way around too.

If you need to document on your device. All you have to do is stick it in the scanner on the top, and you'll be able to scan anything and have it sent directly to your device, which can then be saved and shared it's, pretty awesome. You can also scan and print from the USB port on the front side. Once you plug in a flash drive a list will pop with available options, photos and documents that can be. Printed and it's, pretty cool to be able to take advantage of the smart and connectivity options available here, and it makes life around the office so much easier for myself. And if you happen to be sharing, this printer on a network with a few other people, there's also HP jet, Advantage, private print, which can be set up to require a secure pin to access all of your secret. Print jobs, it's, pretty cool.

And you know what this thing does everything that I need it to as far as printing from mobile. Sending stuff to your mobile device. It's, pretty cool. The office jet pro 69. 78 is a pretty awesome printer, and it's available on June 15th for $149.99. And if you like to pick one up for yourself, I will leave a link below for you like I said, it has all the connectivity you could ever ask for and with HP instant ink. You can keep costs down and easily avoid running out of ink.

But like I said, if you'd like to learn more about anything I've mentioned, I'll, be sure to leave a link below for you. But thanks. You very much for watching everyone.

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