Dopamine Video Chem1090

  • 22-Mar-2022

Hey, guys meet dopamine. The molecule that makes you feel pretty damn awesome ever me is also the green pulsing factor and a lot of drug habits. And a lot of drugs they'll go into your brain, the block their receptor sites, which tell you to, you know, bring out take done with me.

So you've got a whole excess money rather than that. Oh, they just bind to promoters and make you make a entire load of it, which makes you feel extra Super-duper, good, it's also involved in mirrored. I say, mildly mentioned just back. That involved in movement and about their learning sir if you like myself enjoy any of these activities, you'll find this molecule, pretty dank personally relevant dopamine. It has a chemical formula of seeing painful own energy, and it's also comprised of a benzene ring, which this guy in the middle, which is a hexagonal carbon ring with alternating double bonds, he's getting back the shipped around occasionally, you've got two alkyl groups or also known as hydroxyl groups of you. You got a central. Carbon you're like standing up here.

And then you've got a having verb off the top internal. It has a 150 3.8 gram, all the weight and a boiling point of three hundred thirty, seven point, six, nine degrees. Celsius also comes in ten point, six, nine degrees Kelvin, which is so high just because you've got a lot of ionic bonds getting around up here, and I've got the cobalt longer, draw pretty strong seeing a lot of energy, just to break them all the kill off. It also looks like a fine great powder up to. Macro scale, additionally, it has a net charge of zero. And it is Poland I've. Also, it will dissolve in water.

If you feel so inclined has to place it in there. It has an isotopic formula or 63% common. It has about seven percent hydrogen 9% of you nitrogen in there. And we top it all off with about 21% oxygen. These are all approximately.

You've got a lot more that's more points in there in your own body. It is biologically synthesized with a little of l-tyrosine, which is sort of just a little. Modified amino acid, and then you've got the TH B, which is your tantrum tetrahydrobiopterin, just incredibly hard to pronounce your r2 and your ion that goes to l-dopa, which is rudimentary form on dopamine, UHF a bit of water, and I am I on. And from there, the l-dopa adds a paradoxical phosphate, and you get your dopamine PLP and a bit of co2, which is good when you remove the carboxyl group want your first step, you are adding alcohol group on the ends.

So that's, everything you need to know about. Dopamine, so whenever you find yourself next feeling, super-duper, great, give that happy little molecule, a brief captain. Thank you so much.

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