Dish’s Voice Remote With The Google Assistant

  • 10-Apr-2022

Dish's voice, remote with the Google Assistant check out, five great features. Feature, one voice control, lets you speak, what you want, and it's on to use voice control press and hold the microphone button. If using the feature for the first time follow the on-screen prompts to enable it then press and hold the microphone button again, say, a show or movie title actor or sports team and then release the button.

Your receiver will take you to the content directly or display a list of results. You can also use voice commands to quickly jump to favorite parts of your receiver to open an app say, open Netflix or say, YouTube or say, go to on demand to find great movies and shows, you can say a specific channel like HGTV or food network to be taken directly to that channel. Since the Google Assistant is built in. You can also use voice commands to find the weather or traffic in your area or manage tasks, like adding appointments to your calendar or items to your shopping list or get information. On an actor, the score of the game recipes and more you can even control smart home devices like your thermostat for a full list of commands visit support.

Google Assistant feature 2, backlighting on the remote lets. You see buttons when watching TV in the dark, just move it for the buttons to illuminate feature. Three dual action buttons, some buttons on this remote perform more than one action, press and hold the back button to get back to live TV from any menu or press and. Hold the info button to get help on any screen feature, 4 diamond buttons, the diamond buttons at the bottom. Let you perform shortcuts in just a click press and hold the diamond button. Then choose what you want to do with it from the list on screen.

You can turn closed captioning on and off launch Netflix turn on picture-in-picture and more repeat for the double diamond button to further, customize your experience feature, five locate remote. If you ever lose the remote, you can easily find it by. Pressing to locate remote button on the front of your receiver, just follow the beeping sound to find it to learn more about the remote visit need additional support visit chat.

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