Code P0443 P0444 Fix Mazda Cx-7 Cx7. Test Purge Canister Valve

  • 22-Mar-2022

Hey, guys, welcome back to electrical kinda tire life. Thank you guys for watching and subscribing to the channel in today's video guys. If you have any of the following code, such as p, 0 4, 4 3, or p, 0 4 4 4 guys on a Mazda cx7. This is related to the purge valve guys polish valve also known as fuel tank. Bleeder valve. Ok. This is the valve that lets the vapors from the fuel tank come to the engine go inside the intake button through the engine.

So that way guys have carries more efficient. And you do not. You do not emit pollution in the air we'll show, you guys how to test that purge valve even without removing it and make sure that it's working.

Now we guys have more than 200 videos on this car. And every car go get the shop because our mission is to save you guys as much money as we can. So please subscribe to the channel like the video and leave a comment below so let's, go ahead and start on the problem. Now. So when you guys open the heel of your Mazda cx-7, ok, this is the valve right here or not. Cx-7 super easy to get this is your pilot valve. This is the is the hose that comes from the fuel tank.

This is the hole that goes in the intake manifold. Now you can test it manually without any equipment, just applying a 12 volt supply to the 2 wires here, positive and negative. And you hear the valve opening or closing, but especially on some cars guys there you have to get to. So in today's video, guys with the help of maxi C's will show you how we are going to test ours.

Let me show. You now here, ok, what we'll be doing I need to go ahead and get the programming device that comes with it. So we can connect it to the USB port and show you how to do it. So this is guys the wireless device that you just connect your master.

Okay, it goes only one way. Perfect. We have communication there. Now, I'll get inside.

Ok, I will show you guys, ok, what we'll be doing next now I want to show you quick guys, ok, this. Okay, this computer works on any car. Not just Mazda CX l. This is a deal water level. Equipment guys camera okay meeting that it calls from every water it'll do programming quite complicated system, and it's a little expensive.

But if you work on character as acting pays off, pretty quick, because you can test so many components, even without removing them. Okay. So that gives you the power to save time away. You can guy make more money. Okay, fix more cars. So I'll, go ahead. Turn ignition on now, or the ignition is on will click, VIN detection auto-detect now it's going to read the.

Vin number of that vehicle it's going to decode it, you automatically select what the vehicle is. So we don't have to manually do that otherwise it's possible. But you have to select master, 2010, 2.3 engine, four-wheel drive, you can see how that is in the VIN numbers of the system can decode it.

Now house does not have advanced keyless, Anthony. Okay. And now it's loading the software. So that will take just a little of time for everything.

If you guys need to buy some parts or anything and part valve. Or check out this completed order will be listed in the description of the video below for your convenience. So please do check it out. Ok, it's working on it. Now it will be enemy. We got Diagnostics next.

Ok. We need to select control unit after that we'll select gas. And this is PCM power train control module. We select this one, and we'll click active test under active test it's going to load all the different things that we can. We can check without computer activate deactivate, which is pretty. Handy almost there perfect now, what we have readied you guys, you can see evaporative emissions' canister valve duty, cycle. Okay, that's. The one under okay.

This one is by the fuel tank. The machine canister vent valve. Okay, that's different off. We have one in the back of the vehicle one on the phone that the one under we're under the hood in the engine compartment.

So we'll click this one now. And that you guys being wireless it's, super handy because I can just take it with me now outside okay, and I can. Hear ok, if it's activating the valve or not now I'm going to click how many people we want to release it, and you're going to start hearing the valve clicking listen now. And if I go 100% it's going to be just open. So that Valve guys is working hours is opening and closing. So you can definitely feel it. Now.

Another way to test it is you remove that connector? You apply 12:02 the wires. And if you remove the holes, and you see if air will flow from this side to decide when the valve is opening, you have. A 12 volt supply. So that's, it guys, pretty simple. Thank you for watching please subscribe to the channel for more videos and see you guys next time.

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